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TITLE: Bogie Sees Paris
ISBN-13: 978-1-60725-156-9
MSRP: $16.95

SYNOPSIS: A photographic journey of Paris as seen through the eyes of a five-pound Maltese dog. Share Paris with Bogie, a dog who really gets around and has something to say about everything he experiences in the City of Lights.

For all those who have thought of sharing Paris with their dog, this is a dream come true. Paris puts out a welcome mat for dogs where other cities may banish them. Bogie began exhibiting his “café manners” from the time he was a puppy. He proved that he could be an excellent traveler and enjoy the sights with his owners. Because of his small size (five pounds), he travels comfortably in the cabin of the airplane and even manages to solve the elimination problem with a pee pad in the lavatory. Restaurants, parks, the Champs-Elysees and other venues were part of his daily routine, just like the natives. Sharing the sights of Paris with Bogie not only enhances the joy of the city, but does not deprive his owners of his company while traveling. Bogie always shows enthusiasm for the next trip as he jumps into his carrier case when it is placed next to the luggage.

AUTHOR: Arleen Shabel
PUBLISHER: Chateau Publishing House, Inc.
TYPE: Hardcover - 300 pages

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